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Understanding the Role of Payment Gateways and Other Digital Solutions in the Success of Your Business

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The impact of progressive technology is visible in different business activities and processes. One of the most significant transformations has been witnessed in digital payment solutions. Comprehensive digital payment solutions have replaced traditional payment methods like cash or cheque. Did you know that global digital payments transactions were valued at over USD 8 trillion mark in 2022? In the coming years, the value of digital transactions will grow exponentially. Most brands now depend on gateway payment online to facilitate their customers. Read on to understand the role of payment gateways and comprehensive payment solutions in streamlining your business.

Are you familiar with a payment gateway?

Payment gateways can be explained as a technology that facilitates online transactions between two parties. Merchants, online stores, or corporations use payment gateways to receive online payments from customers. It can be an e-commerce application embedded within the existing payment ecosystem to receive online payments. A payment gateway establishes a secure connection between the customer and the card issuer/bank. Once a secure connection is established after authentication, the merchant receives their money. New-age payment gateways can help merchants with same-day settlement and enhanced security.

Payment gateways can be easily embedded within a shopping website or a mobile application. A payment gateway can receive payments via cards, bank transfers, virtual wallets, and other modes. Besides facilitating brands and customers, payment gateways are also a boon for payment processors and aggregators. New-age payment gateways also use several security protocols to reduce the chances of fraud. For example, a business can use a payment gateway with EMV 3DS protocol for secure digital payments. For streamlining your business, it is essential to think about the customers. With a payment gateway, you will facilitate customers to make payments from anywhere.

Besides payment gateways, many other online payment solutions are available for businesses. For example, companies can rely on prepaid payment solutions for their employees and customers. Prepaid cards can be distributed to employees for business expenses, meetings, etc. Virtual wallets are also offered to customers by several brands. Wibmo can help you choose comprehensive payment solutions for your business and boost customer satisfaction rates.

Choose the best payment gateway for your brand

Wibmo offers Areion, the best payment gateway for digital transactions. It will significantly improve the success rate for digital transactions. It uses 3DSS 2.0 and other security protocols to help brands fight fraud in digital transactions. A brand can easily embed Areion within its existing ecosystem for digital payments and start receiving customer funds. The onboarding process will only take minutes, and you will start receiving payments securely from customers. If you are looking for a multi-faceted gateway payment online, Areion is the right choice.

Final words

Comprehensive & modern-age payment solutions like digital wallets and gateways can help brands move from traditional payment methods. Areion is the right choice for brands looking for a secure and multi-faceted payment gateway. Embed Areion into your existing ecosystem right away!

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