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Can I use my phone to digitally sign a PDF?


One of the most often used formats today is the PDF one. The optimum file type for digital documents is PDF, which can be used on both computers and smartphones. It is widely accepted, and even the law now permits the submission of PDF documents. You might, however, find it very ironic that PDFs can return us to reality.

Sometimes, the only choice is to print the compressed PDF document so you can sign it with a pen and scan it to use. It can be extremely time-, paper-, and ink-consuming. The good news is that you can use a variety of PDF signing tools to add a digital signature to a PDF file. You may easily add a digital signature using each app. Therefore, it is worthwhile to look through these apps to identify one that meets your needs.

You can simply utilise a word to pdf editing application to handle all the job rather than waste time signing PDFs. As you can digitally sign PDF documents on your phone using mobile apps, you don’t even need a computer to access PDF editing tools. In addition, the procedure is simple and doesn’t require much time. Instead of printing PDF files, use one of the many highly effective PDF editing apps instead. What are you still holding out for? Let’s get going.

Reader by Adobe

Adobe Reader is one of the best PDF editing programmes available. On the app shops for mobile devices, it is free. The app’s minimal storage requirements are its best feature. Therefore, regardless of how much capacity your smartphone may have, you should be able to download it. You simply need to start the app and go through the setup process after downloading it. You can open the appropriate PDF file on your smartphone once the app is ready. To open the PDF file, select Adobe Reader as the application.

To sign and file the PDF document, simply tap the pin icon after that. The pen icon can be found near the bottom of the app screen. You can now sign documents by tapping the icon of a fountain pen tip. You’ll have to use your finger to sign in the field. “Sign Here” will be written there. Get the amazing products at a reduced rate using elephant robotics Coupon and Promo Codes.

You must hit “Done” to continue after you have completed your signature. Once more, tap the foundation pen symbol to select the creature signature and then drag it to the desired location. The signature can be moved around and resized as needed. About all there is. Once you are finished, you must save the file. Additionally, the PDF can be exported to text, email, and other formats. As a result, you can easily confirm the legitimacy of documents. You can utilise the app to its full potential on the newest smartphones.

Element of PDF

A digital signature can be added to a PDF Element using another fantastic PDF app for mobile devices. For signing PDF documents, it is unquestionably the best app available. Utilize the reliable platform for electronic signatures to securely sign documents on the go and do so quickly.

The only tool you need to sign contracts and virtually any sort of document is PDF Element. It is the best there is. Additionally, it has excellent features that let you get more done with your files. Its reusable template feature can be used to streamline the procedure and save a tonne of time.

The fact that PDF Element runs on Mac OS, Windows, iOS, and Android is a significant benefit. You may use the app right away because it is free to download. To sign all of your PDF documents, simply download the app from the app store. It is as simple as they come. So, there’s no need for you to waste any time.


DocuSign is the next name on our list. A highly regarded PDF signature tool is offered on Google Play. You may easily take care of your needs for digital signatures thanks to its user-friendly interface. The software enjoys a good reputation among users and companies. Numerous publications, including Forrester, Life Hacker, Tech Crunch, Uber Gizmo, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today, have written about the app.

One of its benefits is the capability to import locally saved documents from popular cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Salesforce, and Email. It can be used to deliver clients directly signed documents, among other things. The app’s compatibility for numerous document types, including.jpeg,.txt,.xml,.pdf, and others, is fantastic. You can use it to personalize your ID card and develop your own sense of style. Only three signing requests are required before users must pay for the app, which is one of its drawbacks.

Forms to fill out and sign in PDF

A fantastic application that enables you to produce a digital signature and add it to your PDF files is Fill and Sign PDF Forms. None other than Binary created the app. However, there aren’t many functions on its simple UI. Its benefits include the ability to capture signatures, the choice to add images to your PDF files, and the capacity to email PDF files.

Use the tool to sign PDF documents and more. Fill and Sign PDF Forms provides all the features you could ask for in a PDF editing program. Given that the tool is made to make things simple for you, adding a digital signature to your PDF file shouldn’t be a problem.

It enables you to handle all the work, saving you the time it would take to print out documents, sign them with a pen, and scan them before sending them to the correct email address. It’s crucial to understand that the tool only supports text before using it. This indicates that it is not the best choice for all PDF form types.

Become a member now

Along with the aforementioned, Sign Now is a fantastic programme for adding a digital signature to your PDF files. It was developed by Barracuda Networks, and users appreciate its user-friendly design. Actually, it performs quite similarly to DocuSign in terms of functionality. There is a reason why Forbes and other magazines have highlighted it.

You can design your own signatures using Sign Now. The best feature of the software is the ability to import any PDF files you need for signature from either your memory or the cloud. Consequently, you are free to sign and submit documents to anybody you like. Utilize the finest available tool to keep track of signing progress and other things. Its top-notch encryption gives you the security you require. You would find it to be the ideal instrument for you because the signatures would be legally binding. However, you would have to pay about $25 per month if you uploaded more than 10 documents.

It’s easy to sign

You should be aware of Sign Easy, a great PDF editing tool. You can easily sign PDF files using it, among other things. The app provides every essential feature you might require. Send the proper recipient a signed PDF document by importing it from your own files. In addition to PDF, the app also supports almost all other popular document types, including Word, Text, JPEG, and XML. Even a unique ink colour can be used to add flair to your signature.

Users may also profit from password protection to avoid misuse. Establish a secondary email to keep track of your signature. As of right now, you should be able to sign up to 3 documents before having to buy credits for the app. If you think about it, the app isn’t actually free. However, it is definitely worth the money because it makes adding a digital signature to all of your PDF files very simple for you.


After reading this guide, you will understand how to use your phone to add a digital signature to your PDF files. For each programme, the process for adding the signature is the same. Therefore, the procedures for Adobe Reader should be adequate for you to digitally sign all of your PDF documents. There is no finer place to be than this. Use the tool to your advantage to make your life more simpler. Every tool has a special quality to offer. Choosing to use a paid app or a free one is entirely up to you.

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