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Illustrated Wedding Invitation that We Loved!

by ankitadhiman
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The only medium that links the host and the guests is a wedding invitation card. Nobody attends weddings without an invitation card. The planning of your wedding must include wedding invitation cards. Designing or mailing wedding card invitations is the next task on your To-Do List after deciding on a wedding location and setting the date. 

Your wedding invitation is the initial formal announcement of not only sharing the good news but also providing a glimpse into your love story with your family and friends. Couples can express themselves through the wedding card as a medium.

When choosing your wedding invitation card, you must exercise careful thought. It will enhance the joy and excitement of the wedding ceremony’s attendees. Your guests will learn more about the themes and tenors of your wedding from your wedding cards. 

Everyone adores the traditional invitations with swirling calligraphy used for wedding cards, but these days they are viewed as outdated. All of our efforts must be creative. You have countless creative options because this information is necessary for a wedding invitation card. The design of your wedding invitation card must be elegant and appealing.

There are now numerous styles of wedding cards available. Take a look at them now.

Glitters with Gold Foil theme Invitation

This form of wedding ceremony invitation card offers a conventional but stunning appearance and suggests that you are a minimalist couple who loves to upload a few jazz to matters with a hint of gold.

Invitation with a Couple’s Cartoon

A wedding invitation with a caricature of the couple is gorgeous. Here, I am sharing a designer who paid tribute to the couple’s love story.

Maharaja Theme Wedding Invitation

Beautifully illustrated maharaja-themed wedding invitations are creative at their best. These wedding invitations are a sight to behold for art lovers.

Beautifully designed peacock invitation

The peacock motif is probably the favorite when it comes to Indian wedding invitations. It makes you feel gentle and elegant and makes you feel hope for a new beginning.

Wedding Invitation Handcrafted

This wedding invitation is divine. Handcrafted invitations with gold-tone corners and a watercolor floral vine design add sophistication and elegance to the piece. , here are some creative ideas to add some creativity to your wedding invitations.

Invitation with Maps design

This is a new trend and I think it will continue. Cards are a great way to personalize your wedding invitations. We love seeing where couples come from and sharing all the events of their wedding weekend.

Envelope Liners Invitation

From floral prints to solid-colored envelopes to watercolor-themed envelopes, wedding envelopes are all the rage and we’ve got you covered. Wedding card invitation envelope inserts are a great finishing touch. It’s a great place to add lettering design elements.

watercolor invitation

Wedding invitations designed in watercolor make your wedding invitations prettier. From refreshing flowers to illustrations of venues, watercolors bring an artistic and personal touch to your wedding invitations.

Invitation for WhatsApp

When we talk about wedding invitations, we forget that our world has become so technological now that we don’t have to go door to door to hand out wedding invitations. You can also share your wedding invitations on WhatsApp, WhatsApp invitations are very popular these days. A quick, inexpensive, and eye-catching way to invite guests to functions and events. There is nothing more beautiful than a wedding invitation that has lost its beauty to technology.

WhatsApp wedding invitations are still connected to their roots. There are still statues of peacocks, gods, flowers, elephants, and Dori’s former bride. A traditional card with a modern twist. These wedding invitations use the latest trendy fonts, animations, and graphics. You are influenced by Bollywood movies. Add photos of the couple from your pre-wedding photo shoot to your WhatsApp wedding invitations to make them unique. These videos show the love journey between couples. Wedding invitations for WhatsApp also have creative graffiti art that is so adorable.

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